About us

It all started with my small obsession with posting my #OOTD (OUTFIT OF THE DAY) on Instagram and Facebook. As the #OOTD hashtag started gaining widespead popularity across social media sites and as I began to run out of #OOTD worthy outfits, I decided that I had to figure out how to deliver #OOTD outfits to every Instagram and Facebook obsessed young lady who would eventually run into the same problem I did -- not enough #OOTD worthy outfits! I decided that starting a boutique that offered trendy, classy, and most importantly Instagram and Facebook #OOTD worthy outfits to ladies was the perfect way to bring my obsession with #OOTD's to a whole new level.

We hope you love our boutique and find your next #OOTD worthy outfit here! Please email us all of your selfies and pics rocking one or more of our pieces that you consider Instagram and Facebook #OOTD worthy and we will feature you in our gallery and on our social media sites! When you post them on social media, don't forget to use the tag #ootdboutiqueatlanta and tag us in the caption @ootdboutiqueatlanta (Instagram) and @OOTD Boutique (Facebook). 


As always, if you have any questions... CONTACT US!


Happy Shopping!

#OOTD Boutique LLC